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Kempka’s work is inspired by an archive of images and texts, often related to trends, feminism and extremism or mythology and archeology. In recent years, she has collected new stories without citing the source, mixing and matching these found images and texts. In this way Kempka changes the context of the original stories, because she often does not remember the origin of the source. As a result, words, sentences and images take on a life of their own. Kempka then transforms these images or texts into drawings and sculptures in which she searches for a combination of, or similarity between, ancient mythology and contemporary trends.

Kempka combines stereotyping symbols with self-made signs. The way she brings them together makes them seem to refer to each other, as a way of playing with reality. This is reflected in ceramic and wooden (often hanging) sculptures where it is unclear in which timeperiod they where made. Individual works of art form ever new, changing installations in which Kempka plays with the banality of contemporary trends and social structures. She raises issues related to (unequal) power relations - usually in the field of misogyny, stereotypes, politics or extremism.

Kempka often works with clay; a material that has been used for centuries and therefore refers to something historical. At the same time, it is also a means of capturing the volatility of our contemporary society, through the plastic character of clay. Her artworks are an attempt to preserve today’s society.