While stirring with my middle finger in the big pool of language, I am in my work reflecting on humanity’s way of communicating

Texts I read online or words I hear people say are a starting point to make (ceramic) sculptures, drawings or video works. These result in installations in which they are pointing towards each other in some sort of system of signs. I want to make people aware of their thinking patterns and to challenge their assumptions by re-presenting them with their own words.

I draw inspiration from for example the combinations of words people use in a Facebook-post, or how people flirt in First Dates on television, or how my neighbors talk about Trump. Mostly my attention goes to subjects concerning (international) politics, inequality, prejudices, feminism or sexuality.

The internet is a fascinating environment to me. By selecting sentences or words, memes or video’s from what I see or read online, and re-presenting them in another form or surrounding, the meaning or idea behind the original ‘post’ can change a lot. This way of playing with language or making fun of the internet, is something I consider a big part of my work.

But language is often, not in its literal form visible in my work. Sometimes a text becomes a drawing, the drawing becomes a sculpture, or an older text-work becomes the title of a new sculpture. All because I am always looking for the right form, or existence of the artwork. I often use ceramics and video’s, because I feel the same rapidity in editing a video or while modeling clay, as I feel when news passes me by.

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